Ballina Shire HBBN Search Engine Marketing Presentation

I would like to thank those who attended this morning's Ballina Chamber of Commerce & Ballina Shire HBBN Home Based Business Network meeting at the Ballina RSL club. It's a shame we had to rush through some of it and that the plasma television was a bit hard to see, but I hope you enjoyed it and gave you some ideas for your business.

Unfortunately we didn't have much time to go through more of the techniques that we use, but we really want make sure that you have a clear understanding of what Search Engine Marketing is and how it can help your business.

Below you will find a copy of the PowerPoint presentation and a number of links to the tools and services that we mentioned.

PowerPoint Presentation

Please click here to download the:

If you don't have a copy of PowerPoint you can download the free Microsoft PowerPoint viewer.

Pay Per Click Providers

Google AdWords

Click Here for information about how to

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Click Here for information about how to Yahoo! Search Marketing

Key Phrase Research

A month or two back I blogged on some keyword brainstorming ideas that you may find interesting.

Here is a list of key word analysis tools that may be helpful:

Search Engine Optimisation

There is no doubt that having a web site rank highly in the search engine is extremely good for business. In my opinion it is something that as a business you should be looking at, and continue to allocate time and resources towards throughout the life span of your Web site.

If you're just starting out and want a good beginner's guide we recommend you check out the following resources:

If you're looking to dig a bit deeper to see how your site is performing (and how your competition is performing) we suggest you have a play around with these free tools:

If you would like to see how your Web site looks for a search engine spider checked out SEO browser.

Building Links to Your Site

If you want to get any kind of exposure on search engines you really need to get some quality links pointing at your Web site. By far the best way to do this is to write good quality content that people will link to naturally. We highly recommend starting a Blog that you contribute to regularly, as well at the same time taking part in discussion on other people's Blog's (online networking).

Placing your site in quality directories is also important we recommend that you start with these four:

Some of these directories have a submission fee that is well worth the price.

Please do not go mad submitting to every directory you can find, there are only a handful that are worthwhile being on. You should also look at niche local and topical directories as they will not only help the search engines they will more than likely send visitors to your site.

The best link building tip I can give you is to do a keyword search and try and get a link from the top 50 results. See who links to your competition and try to get links from them also.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Something that you will all want to check out is the free Google local business directory listing.

When it comes to local search engine optimisation, the best advice I can give you is to do your general keyword research and modify the terms to include your geographic location (e.g. instead of just targeting home loans, you would want to target Ballina home loans).

The other thing that you will want to do is make sure that you are listed (and have links to your Web site) from local website portals/directories such as the Ballina Chamber of Commerce, and Ballina info business directory.

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