Link Building

The more relevant incoming links to your site the higher your ranking with the major search engines who see quality over quantity links as a vote of confidence in your site.

The main criteria to successful link building is to create content that is so compelling that other sites will want to link to you. Remembering too that content is not necessarily just the on page text, it can include graphics, interesting articles, downloads and more.

However, sometimes you need a bit more than compelling content. You need to consider a link building campaign as PR building and advertising on other sites.

So how do you increase your Link Popularity?

Link building requires more than registering your site with the major directories. If your site is new or not ranking highly, no one will find it. In a Link building campaign, we encourage relevant sites to give you a link that will increase your traffic.

By providing news and informative articles on your site helps to generate quality links. This can be done by encouraging others to link to your articles or to allow others to 'reprint' your articles in exchange for a link to your site.

Advertising on, or sponsoring, other sites allow exposure to an established relevant market.

What we do for you.

An eMedia Worx Link Building Campaign will consist of the following:

  • Researching your current position and the formulating of an initial report to determine existing links, competitors and niche market openings.
  • Compiling a target list of potential link partners, and contacting them to see if a link can be obtained. The partner site may also be beneficial to your customers, so a reciprocal link may be added to your page. All correspondence is polite, friendly and always very professional. There is never any use of automated software to request links.
  • Integrating the reciprocal links into a resource area on your site as seamlessly as possible to maximise the effect without the impact of a clumsy list of links.
  • Monitoring of the campaign to catch broken or dead links within the contracted period and replacing them as they happen.
  • Reporting and analysing the results of the campaign.

Enjoy the benefits of increased traffic.

Link popularity is a time consuming and difficult process, but is extremely beneficial to your overall site ranking. Apart from this, good quality links improve your customer's experience by providing increased information about your site. Conversely, targeted traffic can also be driven from other related sites - advertising your Web site without the costs.

Link Building leads to greater exposure to the internet audience, therefore increasing the potential for selling your product. A high link popularity is sometimes all it takes to achieve top rankings. It's crucial, in many cases, to the success of an online business.

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