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E-Commerce solutions

Selling your product and services online is no longer a daunting task!

Anybody with a strong work ethic and an Internet connection has the opportunity to open their product to a new far reaching economy.

We combine years of experience with a real interest in seeing you succeed to offer you the most appropriate eCommerce solution for your business. Our early discussions with you help us identify your requirements and offer you a tailor-made solution to seamlessly integrate eCommerce into your everyday business activities.

So where do you start?

Well the first point of call is to determine whether your products or services are suitable for selling online. If they are, you then need to identify who you are going to be selling to. Identifying your target audience is the most important stage of the entire process. An intimate knowledge of your target audience will allow us to customise an eCommerce web site for your business.

Why is knowing my target audience so important?

Your target audience will dictate how the entire site is developed. The graphical design and buying process will be determined by the age and gender, the payment processing and shipping will be determined by the geographic location of you and your buyers.

First impressions count!

As soon as a shopper enters your store it is your goal to convince them that they need your product and you are the person to deliver it to them. The graphical elements and interface are going to create this first impression and it goes without saying that they should be professionally designed.

Our graphic design team will work with you to come up with a design that will complement your corporate image and portrays a professional, and trustworthy organisation.

How about secure credit card payments?

We always recommend using a third party processor to handle your credit card payments. It is in the best interest of your customers to provide them with the highest standard of encryption that is provided by specialist third-party credit card processing companies.

Over the years we have had experience integrating various shopping cart solutions with companies like World Pay, National Australia Bank, St. George, eWay, Secure Pay, Paypal and Paymate.

For those with a limited budget or low amount of expected sales we can integrate a process that allows you to manually process customer credit card information. Upon ordering you will receive e-mail notification whereby you will be able to enter a secure area of your site to access the customers credit card information for processing via traditional merchant facilities.

Some customers may not feel comfortable providing credit card information via the Internet and by offering payment methods such as Internet banking, mail in payments or BPAY you are able to increase sales by being flexible and catering to the needs of all customers.

What about adding new products, changing prices and customer service?

The day to day running of your online shop must be an enjoyable experience. We always recommend a solution that includes a password protected online Administration panel that requires very basic computer skills to operate. Your updates take effect immediately and you can even correspond directly with your customers.

We generally develop most eCommerce platforms on the back of the osCommerce architecture. osCommerce is one of the most popular shopping cart systems available and we have years of experience providing osCommerce customization for our clients.

How will customers find my site?

This is something that we are often asked and something that should be planned from the outset. We take online marketing very seriously and have seen the benefits [and profits] time and time again from those that follow our advice. The majority of your new customers will find you via one of the major search engines [Google, Yahoo or MSN]. Unfortunately a lot of shopping cart solutions are not compatible with search engines, but you can rest assured that we have measures in place that will make your shopping cart search engine friendly.

Please click here to find out more information about an our search engine marketing services.

What do I do now?

If you feel your business is ready to tap into the benefits of using eCommerce feel free to contact us for an obligation free quotation. If you are still a bit unsure feel free to contact us as we are always happy to answer any questions that you may have.

The Australian government also provide a great deal of useful information at their eBusiness Guide web site. You may be particularly interested in the eCommerce information that they provide you with.

We have also compiled a portfolio of eCommerce sites that we have worked with that we encourage you to look over.

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