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In a highly competitive marketplace like the Internet it is not enough to have a professionally designed web site, you must have a professional designed web site that is search engine friendly.

There are many designers that will produce a fantastic looking web site... on the outside, however if they have used a software application that writes the code for them there is a good chance that the underlying code is unnecessarily excessive.

Unfortunately an excessive, poorly written code base will increase the time it takes for your page to load, and in the process hinder the ability of the search engines to rank your site in their index.

As the Internet evolves we are beginning to see more and more mobile and hand-held devices accessing information on line. At the moment download rates are extremely slow, and with time based calls expensive, a clean, streamlined code base is vital if you would like to tap into this rapidly growing market place.

With eMedia Worx he can rest assured that we will produce for you a professionally designed, web standards compliant web site that will boost your exposure on the major search engines and extend your reach to mobile users.

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